The Key To Essential English

Success in Cambridge English : Key Shows that you have mastered the basics in English.

Prove That You Have The Skills To Communicate

The exam shows that you can:

  • Understand and use basic phrases and expressions.
  • Introduce yourself and answer basic questions about your personal details.
  • Interact with English speakers who talk slowly and clearly.
  • Write short, simple notes.

Gain A Certificate That Is Accepted Globally

The exam is accepted by thousands of leading business and educational institutions worldwide.

What Level Is The Exam?

The exam focuses on Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It shows that you can use everyday English at a basic level.

What’s In The Exam?

The exam is designed to be fair to people of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds, and is supported by a dedicated research programme.

It covers all four language skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Reading and Writing :

1 hour and 10 minutes

Shows that you can understand simple written information, and write short messages related to personal information.

Listening :

30 minutes

Shows that you can understand key information in everyday conversations.

Speaking :

8-10 minutes

Shows that you can take part in a conversation. You can take the test face-to-face with one or two other candidates.

Your overall performances is calculated by averaging the scores you archive in Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking. The score for Reading and Writing is doubled in this calculation.

Sample Certificate

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